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Illusion Eye Ring Boxes

While designing cover motifs for these little book ring boxes (outside the realm of my usual patterns), has for me, been relatively unchartered territory, when @keltypelechytikjewellery asked me if we could create a ring box with an eye design on the cover, needless to say I was very excited.

In an attempt to capture some of the secrecy and intimacy surrounding the exchange of a special piece adorned with a Lover's Eye portrait, and in a nod to the incredible work of Kelty and wonderfully talented artist Robyn Richchrist, the gold foiled, Deep Chocolate leather cover of the book features a framed eye composed entirely of dots, that seems to fade and reappear in the changing light.

The interior of the boxes features a ring pouch within the inner cover in either Olive or Terracotta velvet, and the back of the box is lined with a truly beautiful, dainty floral cotton lawn hand selected from Liberty London (which is just as delicious to work with as it is to look at.)

It's been a privilege to work on this project, and a collaboration that's left me feeling inspired and very lucky to have the opportunity to make boxes to house such beautiful pieces.

To find out more about Kelty's beautiful work, visit her website

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