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...and other boxes from Kitty Baxter

Inspired by a life-long love affair with books and vintage curiosities, in 2019 I set out to create a ring box that was a little bit different. Armed with the belief that every ring, old and new has a unique story to tell, the Kitty Baxter book ring box was designed as a thoughtful, elegant keepsake that celebrates the chapters in life that we mark with precious rings.

Using carefully selected, quality materials, each box is lovingly made by hand in rural England, bringing together elements of traditional bookbinding and box-making techniques to re-imagine the romance of ring cases from a bygone era. Designed to authentically emulate the look and feel of a miniature, antique leather bound book, Kitty Baxter ring boxes are embellished with cover patterns that draw inspiration from book covers and jewellery boxes from across the decades, to create a very special unboxing experience. 

Whether you are looking to add a unique touch to your proposal, wedding ceremony, engagement shoot, or to safeguard an heirloom for future generations, keep your stories safe in the pages of a Kitty Baxter ring box.


- Charlotte

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